Day: September 23, 2011

Dispatch from China: West meets west at Sichuan University

Arizona State University enjoys a special relationship with Sichuan University, a major university in what is considered western China. In fact, ASU President Michael Crow and his team have established deep and enduring relationships all across China, which I believe will pay dividends for generations to come. Our delegation participated in a roundtable discussion with …

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Dispatch from China: Chicks

People always figure out how to get around rules. The authorities in Shanghai put severe restrictions on the purchase of cats and dogs. But the demand for pets does not abate. The solution? An unregulated, thriving industry in pet chicks.

Dispatch from China: Slow-selling trinkets

I found it jarring when I visited the famous Buddhist temple in Shanghai (pictures of dignitaries such as Bill Clinton and Nancy Reagan adorn the wall) that there are jade religious symbols in the form of reverse swastikas. Let’s just say these formations are not hot selling trinkets for tourists.