Glenn Hamer

A hotly contested primary election season is almost in the books. Many of you have already voted by mail, but for those of you who will be headed to the polls on Tuesday, here are the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s recommendations.

We are excited to endorse these 23 Senate, 33 House and three Arizona Corporation Commission candidates who share the Chamber’s pro-business, jobs-friendly agenda.

The Chamber maintains a rigorous process for supporting individuals for elected office. Incumbent legislative and ACC candidates were evaluated based on their voting record as it relates to the Chamber policy agenda and their commitment to growing and attracting business in Arizona, while challenger candidates were asked to complete a questionnaire about their policy positions before participating in a candidate interview with members of the Chamber Public Affairs Committee.

The Public Affairs Committee made recommendations for candidate endorsements to the Board of Directors, which ultimately voted on the final endorsements.

Use the address search feature on the Arizona Prosperity Project website to locate your nearest polling place and to view information about the candidates that will be on your ballot this Tuesday.

State Senate

District 1: Steve Pierce – R

District 2: Linda Lopez – D

District 4: Lynne Pancrazi – D

District 5: Nancy McLain – R

District 6: Chester Crandell – R

District 7: Jack Jackson Jr. – D

District 10: Frank Antenori – R

District 11: Al Melvin – R

District 12: Andy Biggs – R

District 14: Gail Griffin – R

District 15: Nancy Barto – R

District 16: Rich Crandall – R

District 17: Steve Yarbrough – R

District 18: John McComish – R

District 20: Kimberly Yee – R

District 21: Rick Murphy – R

District 22: Judy Burges – R

District 23: Michele Reagan – R

District 24: Ken Cheuvront – D

District 25: Bob Worsley – R

District 26: Jerry Lewis – R

District 28: Adam Driggs – R

District 30: Robert Meza – D

State House of Representatives

District 1: Karen Fann – R, Andy Tobin – R

District 5: Doris Goodale – R

District 6: Brenda Barton – R

District 8: Frank Pratt – R, T.J. Shope – R

District 9: Ethan Orr – R

District 10: Ted Vogt – R

District 11: Adam Kwasman – R

District 13: Russ Jones – R, Steve Montenegro – R

District 14: David Gowan – R, David Stevens – R

District 15: Heather Carter – R

District 17: Tom Forese – R, J.D. Mesnard – R

District 18: Jeff Dial – R, Bob Robson – R

District 20: Paul Boyer – R

District 21: Rick Gray – R, Debbie Lesko – R

District 22: Jeanette Dubreil – R, Phil Lovas – R

District 23: John Kavanagh – R, Michelle Ugenti – R

District 24: Chad Campbell – D

District 25: Justin Olson – R, Justin Pierce – R

District 26: Jason Youn – R

District 27: Ruben Gallego – D

District 28: Kate Brophy McGee – R, Amanda Reeve – R

District 30: Mike Snitz – D

Arizona Corporation Commission

Bob Stump – R

Bob Burns – R

Susan Bitter Smith – R

Glenn Hamer is the president and CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry