The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s primary election recommendations

Glenn Hamer

August 29, 2016

Tomorrow is primary day. If you still have a ballot and are headed to the polls, here’s who the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry is recommending:

United States Senate

The Chamber has strongly endorsed Sen. John McCain for re-election.

When the Arizona Chamber’s board of directors looked at the field vying for election to the Senate this year, only one person had a proven record of fighting for Arizona’s job creators; of protecting and growing our state’s defense assets; of pushing back against a runaway regulatory machine; and of guarding our tax dollars.

That person is John McCain.

Sen. McCain knows that Arizona’s job creators thrive when government gets out of the way. Throughout his career, Sen. McCain has been a consistent champion for our state and country’s entrepreneurial spirit and for policies that encourage job creation and free enterprise.

Whether it’s been standing up to the administration’s constant regulatory meddling, or reining in Washington’s runaway spending, Arizona couldn’t ask for a better champion on Capitol Hill.

Sen. McCain is the most consequential legislator on planet Earth. He deserves re-election.

Take a look at this ad we were proud to partner on with our friends at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that makes the case for the senator’s re-election.

State Legislature

We’ve endorsed a bipartisan slate of challengers and incumbents for the state House and Senate, all of whom are committed to ensuring that we continue to adopt policies that will position Arizona to have the nation’s best tax, legal, labor, regulatory and education environments.

District 1

Karen Fann (R), Senate

Noel Campbell (R), House

Chip Davis (R), House

District 2

Chris Ackerly (R), House

Daniel Hernandez (D), House

District 5

Sonny Borrelli (R), Senate

Regina Cobb (R), House

District 6

Sylvia Allen (R), Senate

Brenda Barton (R), House

Bob Thorpe (R), House

District 8

Frank Pratt (R), Senate

T.J. Shope (R), House

David Cook (R), House

District 11

Vince Leach (R), House

District 12

Warren Petersen (R), Senate

Eddie Farnsworth (R), House

District 13

Steve Montenegro (R), Senate

Darin Mitchell (R), House

Don Shooter (R), House

District 14

Gail Griffin (R), Senate

Drew John (R), House

District 15

John Allen (R), House

Heather Carter (R), House

District 16

Doug Coleman (R), House

District 17

Steve Yarbrough (R), Senate

J.D. Mesnard (R), House

Jeff Weninger (R), House

District 18

Jeff Dial (R), Senate

Jill Norgaard (R), House

Bob Robson (R), House

District 19

Lupe Chavira Contreras (D), Senate

Mark Cardenas (D), House

Diego Espinoza (D), House

District 20

Kimberly Yee (R), Senate

Paul Boyer (R), House

District 21

Debbie Lesko (R), Senate

Tony Rivero (R), House

Kevin Payne (R), House

District 22

Judy Burges (R), Senate

David Livingston (R), House

Phil Lovas (R), House

District 23

John Kavanagh (R), Senate

Jay Lawrence (R), House

Michelle Ugenti-Rita (R), House

District 25

Bob Worsley (R), Senate

Rusty Bowers (R), House

District 27

Catherine Miranda (D), Senate

Reginald Bolding (D), House

District 28

Kate Brophy McGee (R), Senate

Mary Hamway (R), House

Maria Syms (R), House

District 30

Robert Meza (D), Senate

Jonathan Larkin (D), House

Glenn Hamer is the president and CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry