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PHOENIX – Leading Arizona business organizations today released the following statement following the Supreme Court of the United States’ recent ruling on Senate Bill 1070: 

“With today’s ruling upholding a portion of SB 1070, we are confident that police agencies across the state, under guidance from the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board, will enforce this element of SB 1070 fairly, professionally and always within the spirit and letter of the law.

“We applaud the Arizona Legislature for focusing its attention on economic recovery in the recently-completed legislative session. We will strongly encourage the next Legislature to maintain this focus on job creation and economic development.

“The need for a federal solution to our immigration challenges remains, as states could seek to craft their own immigration policies, resulting in a confusing patchwork of laws across the nation. No state, including Arizona, can solve the immigration problem in isolation.

“We maintain our call for Congress and the President to come together on a meaningful immigration plan that secures our borders and meets our nation’s labor needs through a visa program that supports a range of workforce needs from seasonal to highly skilled workers and entrepreneurs.”

Todd Sanders, President and CEO, Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
Glenn Hamer, President and CEO, Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Tom Franz, President and CEO, Greater Phoenix Leadership
Ron Shoopman, President, Southern Arizona Leadership Council

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