PHOENIX – The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Greater Phoenix Leadership, the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce and over 125 members of Arizona’s business community today released a letter endorsing the efforts of Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake in reforming the country’s immigration system. 

The letter states, “In order to ensure the competitive standing and economic strength of Arizona and the United States, we must have a robust and fair immigration process that promotes legal immigration while securing our nation’s borders.” 

“Now is the time to bring real, substantive reforms to our nation’s dysfunctional immigration system,” Arizona Chamber President and CEO Glenn Hamer said.

“We commend the leadership on display by our senators as they work to craft an immigration system that secures our borders, meets our country’s labor needs and contributes to the country’s economic health, while dealing with immigrants not in our country legally in a humane and thoughtful way.”

The letter in its entirety can be read here.