PHOENIX — Arizona Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Glenn Hamer today released the following statement regarding the U.S. Senate’s consideration of S. 744, the comprehensive immigration bill:

“I applaud the U.S. Senate for taking up this important legislation.

“The bill that emerged from the Judiciary Committee is a strong piece of legislation that will greatly improve our nation’s immigration system by enhancing border security, overhauling our byzantine visa system and ensuring that critical sectors of our nation’s economy will have access to an available workforce. This bill will dramatically improve the state and the country’s economic outlook.

“Arizonans should be proud that Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake have played such a significant role in the development of this legislation.

“They have brought their unique border state perspective to this debate and the bill has emerged better for it.

“Over 120 business groups across Arizona have indicated their support for comprehensive immigration reform. Now is the time to move a bill forward.

“I am confident that the debate in the full Senate will be a productive one. I look forward to the bill’s passage and for immigration to be considered soon in the House of Representatives.”

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The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry is committed to advancing Arizona’s competitive position in the global economy by advocating free-market policies that stimulate economic growth and prosperity for all Arizonans.