Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry launches campaign committee in opposition to Proposition 206

Protecting Arizona Jobs – No on 206 to be be chaired by Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce CEO Lea Marquez Peterson


PHOENIX (September 20, 2016) – The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry today announced its formation of Protecting Arizona Jobs – No on 206, a committee that will oppose Proposition 206, a ballot initiative that seeks to dramatically raise the statewide minimum wage and place new mandates on job creators.

Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Lea Marquez Peterson will chair the effort.

 “Proposition 206 should be called the Opportunity Destruction Act. If passed, Proposition 206 will hurt the very Arizonans that the initiative’s proponents claim to want to help,” Peterson said. “By making hiring more expensive, Proposition 206 harms young people, small businesses, and folks on the outside of the labor market trying to break in. As a longtime advocate for southern Arizona’s small businesses, I’ve seen firsthand the destructive effects of job-killing mandates on job creators. I look forward to chairing this effort to preserve career opportunity in Arizona.”

 Proposition 206 seeks to phase in a nearly 50 percent hike in the statewide minimum wage, institute new paid leave mandates on employers and will lead to a patchwork of wage laws from city to city.

 “Proposition 206 will leave job creators with no good options,” Peterson said. “The dramatic increase will force many businesses­–particularly small businesses–to reduce employee hours and staff levels, stop hiring or, as we’ve seen in other places that have instituted dramatic mandated wage hikes, close altogether. And we can expect to see prices rise on everyday goods and services. While improving, the national economy is still fragile, which makes Proposition 206 incredibly risky. We will make the strong case to voters that adoption of Proposition 206 will lead to fewer jobs and fewer opportunities for hardworking Arizona families.”

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The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry is committed to advancing Arizona’s competitive position in the global economy by advocating free-market policies that stimulate economic growth and prosperity for all Arizonans.