What is a Super PAC?

Elected officials at all levels of government make decisions that directly impact the business climate within our state. Whether it is increased property taxes, burdensome regulations or costly mandates, these policies create new obstacles for Arizona businesses.  These obstacles ultimately lead to higher levels of unemployment and severe economic consequences for individuals and families.  It is vital that government leaders understand and advocate in favor of policies that will allow both our businesses and our people to thrive and prosper in Arizona.  Therefore, we need your help to make sure business-friendly candidates are voted into office!

Earning Super PAC designation adds tremendous strength to the Chamber PAC.  The ability of the Arizona Chamber to achieve this new status is a reflection of the depth and breadth of our membership and of our members’ commitment to representing the business community in the political process.  Our ongoing efforts to make Arizona more business friendly include helping business-friendly candidates get elected to public office, and we are excited to be able to do that at an even greater level.

The new status permits the Chamber to contribute up to $2170 to local candidates, $1736 to legislative candidates and $4352 to statewide candidates.  Regular PACs can only contribute $430 to local candidates, $424 to legislative candidates and $872 to statewide candidates.

The Arizona Chamber Political Action Committee has been designated a Super PAC by the Secretary of State’s Office, making it only the 23rd Super PAC in Arizona. The Arizona Chamber submitted for certification over 500 individual PAC contributions of $10 or more collected within a one-year timeframe in order to earn the designation.

What is the Arizona Chamber PAC?

The Arizona Chamber Political Action Committee (PAC) was established to actively support state and local candidates who share the principles and priorities outlined in the Arizona Chamber Business Agenda. Furthermore, the Arizona Chamber PAC may be used to influence the outcomes of key political races. The focus of the PAC will be to assist business-friendly candidates who seek elected office.

The Arizona Chamber PAC is not affiliated with any political party and is non-partisan in its support of candidates. The Arizona Chamber PAC is funded by individual contributions and by transfers from other business PACs. Funds in the PAC will be distributed to candidates as determined by the PAC Committee pursuant to the PAC Bylaws.

Why Contribute to the Arizona Chamber PAC?

By supporting the PAC, you increase the business community’s ability to advance economic growth and enhance the quality of life for all Arizonans. Because the Arizona Chamber PAC can influence the immediate environment in which you operate your business, we need your support today!

How does the Arizona Chamber PAC Work?

The AZ Chamber PAC is governed by our Political Affairs Committee. This committee is comprised of appointed members from our Board of Directors and Public Affairs Committee.

What are the 2012-2013 Contribution Limits?

Total contributions by an individual to state and local candidates, state and local PACs, and “early seed money” for publicly financed, or “Clean Elections” candidates: $6,100.*  Pursuant to A.R.S. §16-905(E) *Note: this limit applies each calendar year and not the regular two-year election cycle.

Who Can Contribute to the Arizona Chamber PAC?

The Arizona Chamber PAC accepts contributions from individuals only.  By law, corporations cannot make contributions to the Arizona Chamber PAC. Please note: Contributions to the Arizona Chamber PAC are not tax deductible.

How do I Contribute?

You can contribute online by clicking HERE.

OR Individual/ Personal Contributions can be mailed to:

Arizona Chamber Political Action Committee
ID# 200602733
3200 North Central Avenue, Suite 1125
Phoenix, AZ  85012

Please attach this form with all mailed-in donations.

Please note: Contributions to AZ Chamber PAC are not tax deductible. Corporate contributions are prohibited.   State and Federal Political Action Committees may transfer an unlimited amount of funds, as long as the Committees are registered in Arizona.  The Arizona individual limit per calendar year for total contributions to state and local candidates and committees who give to state and local candidates is $6,100.  If you have questions, please call our office at (602) 248-9172.