Ballot Propositions

What is Proposition 125 and why do we support it?

I urge you to vote “yes” on Proposition 125. This measure, which has broad bipartisan support, helps safeguard taxpayers and businesses of all sizes by reducing the potential for future tax increases to support public pension systems. Proposition 125 provides a simple fix to an unsustainable pension increase formula for Arizona’s retired corrections officers, elected officials and judges. This change allows these public pension plans to provide promised retirement benefits while also reducing state and local government’s long-term pension costs. The trend of rising public pension expenses threatens to crowd out other vital government services that make Arizona’s cities and towns attractive to businesses and employees. Simply put, our governments’ abilities to pay for infrastructure, transportation, and other needs will continue to decline as they are forced to divert more and more money to cover increasing public retirement expenses. Now is the time to act to put reasonable limits on future increases to pension benefits. Proposition 125 is a bipartisan and commonsense solution that replicates landmark reform passed in 2016 that put the police and firefighter pension on the path towards financial health. Without this measure, state and local governments could soon face a major decision: Cut needed and basic services or raise taxes to make up the difference. As a state business leader who is concerned about Arizona’s competitive standing nationally, both of these options are bad for the state’s economy and future growth.

Please join me in supporting Proposition 125! Glenn Hamer President and CEO Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry


What is Proposition 127 and why you should oppose it?

This amendment to Arizona’s Constitution would place unreasonable mandates on Arizona communities, and is not aligned with Arizona’s previously established renewable energy goals, which Arizona is on track to meet. If passed, the measure would dramatically harm Arizona’s competitiveness, put our utilities’ reliable delivery of power at risk, and would send the wrong message about Arizona’s economic development environment. If this mandate were to be enshrined in the state constitution, it would mean dramatically higher energy prices – estimates are that corporate and industrial rates would rise over 100 percent, and residential ratepayers would see an average annual increase of $1,250 – which would create a significant drag on the overall economy and reduce the state’s competitive standing. The proposed standards undermine the current energy structure, which is built upon facilities such as the Palo Verde nuclear plant. Palo Verde is the country’s largest supplier of carbon-free energy and employs over 3,000 Arizona workers, but its contributions to Arizona’s energy portfolio would not count toward the initiative’s proposed mandates. The mandates would also force Arizona residents to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for the construction of new, carbon-emitting natural gas plants that would be necessary to generate electricity when the sun is not shining and wind isnot blowing. The initiative would require that 20 percent of utilities’ renewable generation come from rooftop solar, which is the most expensive and least efficient form of solar. VOTE NO ON PROP127.

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