Legislative Activity
2019 Priority Legislation
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2018 in Review: Legislative Report

Responsible Increases in Education Funding

The cornerstone of the $10.4 billion fiscal year 2019 budget package is a three-year, $645 million infusion of funds to raise average statewide teacher salaries 20 percent by 2020. This plan was backed strongly by the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the broader business community. 

20×2020 – $645 million for a 20 percent increase in average teacher pay by school year 20-21, along with $500 million in funding for classroom supplies, building renewal and new schools. Results-based funding, career and technical education and behavioral health supports in schools for students round out a major investment in education made possible by Arizona’s booming economy. [State Budget]

Extension of Prop. 301 – The .6 percent sales tax revenue stream vital to funding K-12 universities and community colleges is extended to 2041, avoiding a fiscal cliff that would harm Arizona schools. [SB1390]

Promoting Economic Development

Working to advance Arizona as a leading player in the global economy while committing to ensure economic growth and prosperity for all Arizonans. 

Re-authorization of the Arizona Commerce Authority – Ensuring that the ACA can continue the mission of promoting economic growth through the retention, attraction and expansion of quality job creators. [HB2167]

Financial Technology Innovation

Leading in innovation by supporting the emergence of new financial technology, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 

Fintech Regulatory Sandbox – The new law provides regulatory relief for innovators in financial technology by allowing startups, entrepreneurs and established businesses the ability to test a product or service for two years while serving up to ten thousand customers. [HB2434]

Protecting Businesses and Consumers

Promoting clear and concise expectations of businesses, while bolstering protections for consumers. 

Data Breach Requirements – Updates existing consumer protections written in statute which includes a more comprehensive definition of “personal information,” provides notification to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office if data breach occurs, and explicitly states consumer notification requirements for businesses. [HB2154]

Supporting Modern International Trade

Advocating for free-market policies and working to advance Arizona as a leading player in the global economy. 

North American Free Trade Agreement – Bipartisan support from both chambers of the Arizona legislature resulted in the passage of resolutions urging the President of the United State and Congress to renegotiate and modernize NAFTA. [SCM1016]