Uniting Business. Advancing Arizona. The tagline of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry expresses our organizational goal to serve as the collective voice for Arizona business at the state legislature. The Arizona Chamber exists to represent the interests of commerce and industry in a way that enhances our state economy.

Mission Statement

The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry is committed to advancing Arizona’s competitive position in the global economy by advocating free-market policies that stimulate economic growth and prosperity for all Arizonans.

Guiding Principles

Promote a Globally Competitive Tax Climate

The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry believes low taxes and fiscal responsibility are the cornerstones of economic growth. The Chamber advocates for a culture of tax relief and sound budgeting that will make Arizona a smart place to do business.

Decrease the Regulatory Burden on Business

The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry believes the state and its counties and municipalities should make it easier, not harder to do business. The Chamber works to relieve unnecessary and cumbersome regulatory burdens placed on Arizona businesses.

Sustain a Strong Workforce

The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry believes it is vital that Arizona develop a labor environment that is competitive and adapts to changing workforce needs. The Chamber promotes policies that educate and attract a quality workforce to meet the needs of employers.

Maintain a Strong Infrastructure

The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry believes that strong and modern infrastructure is essential to a healthy economy. The Chamber promotes policies that strengthen Arizona’s essential infrastructure, including education, transportation, health care, water, electricity, and communications.

Support Economic Development and Diversification

The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry believes that to maintain a strong economy, Arizona must attract and develop businesses in diverse industry sectors. The Chamber supports policies that improve Arizona’s economic vitality, retain existing businesses, and spur new business growth and job creation.

History of Influence

Since 1974, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been the leading statewide business advocate at the Arizona Capitol and with the Arizona congressional delegation. Its diverse membership employs 250,000 Arizonans in all business sectors from manufacturing to services and includes small, medium, and large employers.

Arizona’s elected officials, regulators, and grass roots activists consider the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry one of the most effective and respected public policy associations in Arizona. The Arizona Capitol Times named the Arizona Chamber a Public Policy Leader of the Year in 2007. The Associated Press calls the Arizona Chamber “Arizona’s leading business lobby.”

Leadership Working for Arizona Business

Exceptional Leadership. Our Board of Directors represents our diverse membership and includes many of Arizona’s most innovative entrepreneurs and top corporate executives.

Policy Expertise. Our policy committees and their subcommittees provide access to Arizona’s leading policy experts. Arizona Chamber monthly policy reports inform businesses about the issues affecting their bottom line.

Grassroots Network. Our members and allied local chamber of commerce network are in every legislative district. We have access to a grassroots organization that includes the entire state.

Top Staff. Our superior professional staff has significant experience in public policy research, development, communication, and membership services.